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A good Holiday and not connected from work at least once or twice a year is crucial in freshening not only the body but the mind also. 55% Indians feel that being Holiday can result in less productivity at work while 64% are surer once back from Holiday. 34% Indians are even willing to take a cut in their salary for extra Holidays & High Paid hotels to support both is a difficult task to an average human.

Step in stay after brainstorming a lot over this issue and CMD Mr. Manish Panchal & Co-Founder Mr. Vijay Patil thought to give a new dimension to travelers & now launching a unique & conceptual Idea first time in the Indian Online hotel Bookings Industry, which will be a milestone in History of online Hotel booking Portal & will give a direction to the traveler how can he get a good hotel in his pocket allowing price.

One of the first rules of good Hotelier is to never send a traveler back from his Hotel but sometimes It is not possible due to some restrictions from the hotel policies. Just an Idea in Indian Market where anybody can get a shelter at an affordable price because away from home is a person likes a refugee who needs a shelter.

This concept is very useful for frequent travelers. (Read More).

If you are a marketing person who travels extensively can bid & plan your comfortable stay in your price at different places with planning.

Corporate sectors who can make their monthly schedule for their employees. (Read More)

In cases when corporate word comes suddenly a picture of a group of Gentleman we imagine who are dedicated to Goals for them the company can help through help desk to schedule their visit as well as cozy stay in a good environment with an economical price is also same important. The bid can give great savings to their organization.

If any event is planned in a particular month can. (Read More).

Now a day’s destination wedding is a new trend in India rapidly popular people want to follow wedding of Virat Kohli & other celebrities. The wedding is really a time when you are focused on family matters so difficult to keep up a high level of hospitality towards your guests is a difficult task. By Bid, you can plan your guests in perfect stay with a Team of service personnel at their doorstep which managed by hoteliers.

This concept allows you a chance to be an Investor for a short time to earn a profit. (Read More).

A bid can be used as an amazing opportunity for the housewives & others who has some spare time & want to earn something extra through this You are free to bid & sale your bid rooms in your price with a marginal profit. Can increase a handsome extra income for you.

Very good for Travel Agents who normally deal in Pre-purchased nights. (Read More).

Although online hotel booking market players are there but conventional method of booking hotels through Travel agent now also has a great business in India where Travel agents are strongly associated with local Hotels with best rates due to pre-purchased night with a handsome amount paying to Hoteliers. Now no need to pay like that just bid & grab rooms in your price & sale it in your price when the market is hiked.

New entrepreneur Travel agency startup support. (Read More).

The concept is My Room My Price here Bidder has to register himself with a small investment of 1000 Rs. & can buy Min 3 nights which can be a sale in his price or consume by himself this is the way traveler can always be a winner My Room My Price. For example, your hotel room price is 900 per night so you have to pay 3700 & you will be eligible for the bid.

Here step in stay is divided Hotels in 4 different segments

Budget Hotels

2* Star Hotels

3* Star Hotels

Resorts & Clubs as per his/ her need. Be the first to register biding starting from 15 August & feel the difference between earlier & now stay. If not getting Deals in your required destination just leave a comment with the city name, in next 24 Hr you can bid with lots of options.

Register yourself & be a part of this amazing offer of excitement & refer to your 10 friends, you can win a Night absolutely free for yourself.

See think seize & Grab this exciting offer for you & same for your near & dear.

So why are you waiting for? Rush, Register & be a part of exciting offers.